Thursday, November 3, 2011

: Wonderful Wednesday :

: Good morning!!! I opened my blog and had 13 more followers!!! Thanks Sunni @ Pearls and Curls for the publicity!
: As you can see - Dunder was not a happy camper this morning taking photos! :) This is something I'm hoping to be consistent with - the photos I mean. I would like to capture the small-but-sweet things in life - not only to keep me grounded but more appreciative - plus I think it's neat to see the quirks in others' lives! :)
Thanks to Emily @ Nation's Nest for the inspiration!
Dunder is the most spoiled, most loved, most squeezed pet you'll ever meet! I'm obsessed and it's only bad news for my first born because it'll be a tug-of-war!! Only kidding...sort of.
: Despite the odd weather today (windy, 70 degrees, cloudy & creepy)...I've got my coffee soaked with French Vanilla creamer and my contacts are focused! :) I know I'm not the only one thankful when contacts work!

It inspires me to always look up when I'm in need, when I need a hand and when I need to say THANK YOU, LORD! :)

:Happy Hump Day everyone!!
Do something wonderful
today to make this day worthwhile - because tomorrow is not promised, only right now!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Dunder holds a striking resemblance to my Lucy girl! Gotta love those sweet little fur balls!

PS - thanks for making me feel better about my drinking problem, LOL.