Sunday, November 27, 2011

: Time Flies...literally :

1) One of my main goals was to not clean the entire break (until today of course, can't start a week with a messy house!) ... and it was successfully accomplished (hehe). 

2) Paint the middle bathroom, add beadboard, and any decor I already had. It's a slow, dragging process as it took me a month to choose a color for paint, two weeks to choose knobs for the cabinet, and I'm sure several more months to find the perfect decor. Before it was your plain cookie-cutter bathroom you find in most neighborhoods but since the rest of our home has been remodeled with our love - I thought this little bathroom deserved it too! I'll be sure to post pictures after but here's a couple of B E F O R E pictures.
 I took down the full mirror because who hasn't seen that before? :)
Plain Jane paint - B U T I finally found my white ruffled curtain I searched a while for. It looks crappy here but you'll see why it fits perfectly when you see the A F T E R pictures.

3) I wanted to experiment with some of my Pinterest DIY crafts. I was 1 for 2 this weekend. I tried to make balloon luminaries ... the worst. The balloon snapped the first time so I decided to not let it discourage me. The second time was a slap in the face but for some reason I thought I had the hang of it. Before I know it, I have four great pots, kitchen floor and counter covered in impossibly-to-clean wax. Check.
4) However, one craft did come out somewhat O.K. What do you think?

: I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with their loved ones!

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