Wednesday, November 30, 2011

: WILW + Pinteresting Wednesday! :

: There a lot of things I'm lovin' and a lot of pins I want to share!

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: I'm lovin' my sweet puppy Dunder or "D" as I call him when he's being treated more human than normal :) He keeps my baby fever away and sometimes my blood pressure up when he somehow forgets all the potty training we've done!

 : I'm lovin' that its the last day of November!! I absolutely love everything about Winter. I love the snow, the cozy blankets, the endless amount of hot chocolate in our house, Christmas decorations, watching Dunder's fur clump up when he runs in the snow - what's not to love?!

Here are a few D I Y pins and pretty things:
I've already saved two cans because I am ALWAYS loosing pens and pencils amongst my hectic craft room!

I picked this guy up at Kohl's on Black Friday - I've never had a countdown before!

Perfect. I have yarn coming out of my you-know-what these days. This will be a great way to use colors with little left!
 :I hope you enjoy your last day in November and do something kind! See you for Awesome & Awkward Thursday!!

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Rochelle said...

I love your dog "D"! He is too cute and I know exactly how you feel about forgetting the potty training. My dachshund sometimes forgets as well, drives me crazy :) Newest follower!!