Wednesday, November 30, 2011

: WILW + Pinteresting Wednesday! :

: There a lot of things I'm lovin' and a lot of pins I want to share!

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: I'm lovin' my sweet puppy Dunder or "D" as I call him when he's being treated more human than normal :) He keeps my baby fever away and sometimes my blood pressure up when he somehow forgets all the potty training we've done!

 : I'm lovin' that its the last day of November!! I absolutely love everything about Winter. I love the snow, the cozy blankets, the endless amount of hot chocolate in our house, Christmas decorations, watching Dunder's fur clump up when he runs in the snow - what's not to love?!

Here are a few D I Y pins and pretty things:
I've already saved two cans because I am ALWAYS loosing pens and pencils amongst my hectic craft room!

I picked this guy up at Kohl's on Black Friday - I've never had a countdown before!

Perfect. I have yarn coming out of my you-know-what these days. This will be a great way to use colors with little left!
 :I hope you enjoy your last day in November and do something kind! See you for Awesome & Awkward Thursday!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

: Time Flies...literally :

1) One of my main goals was to not clean the entire break (until today of course, can't start a week with a messy house!) ... and it was successfully accomplished (hehe). 

2) Paint the middle bathroom, add beadboard, and any decor I already had. It's a slow, dragging process as it took me a month to choose a color for paint, two weeks to choose knobs for the cabinet, and I'm sure several more months to find the perfect decor. Before it was your plain cookie-cutter bathroom you find in most neighborhoods but since the rest of our home has been remodeled with our love - I thought this little bathroom deserved it too! I'll be sure to post pictures after but here's a couple of B E F O R E pictures.
 I took down the full mirror because who hasn't seen that before? :)
Plain Jane paint - B U T I finally found my white ruffled curtain I searched a while for. It looks crappy here but you'll see why it fits perfectly when you see the A F T E R pictures.

3) I wanted to experiment with some of my Pinterest DIY crafts. I was 1 for 2 this weekend. I tried to make balloon luminaries ... the worst. The balloon snapped the first time so I decided to not let it discourage me. The second time was a slap in the face but for some reason I thought I had the hang of it. Before I know it, I have four great pots, kitchen floor and counter covered in impossibly-to-clean wax. Check.
4) However, one craft did come out somewhat O.K. What do you think?

: I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with their loved ones!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

: November Rain :

: I love Fall weather! I love everything that comes with Fall ... family, football, amazing food, crunchy leaves, those moments where you happen to walk under the tree that loses all its leaves at the same time (fairytale-like), when you get to get out your winter clothes and discover scarves and tops you forgot you had.

: Last week I wore a necklace that got a lot of compliments - courtesy of Forever21. It's different and it's badazzled! :)

(I'm a sucker for gaudy jewelry!)

: I attempted a craft-like activity this weekend and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I had pretty high expectations about it and when it was finished, I wasn't impressed. I think I need to either swap out the snowflakes for large ornaments OR add different snowflakes in between. 
I'm welcoming any suggestions! 
 (after - floating Christmas tree made with gold snowflakes!)
 (pictures don't do the glitter justice ... its everywhere)

: I plan on diving into my Pinterest DIY board over Thanksgiving break. I'll post for you to see!
 : Last week I made my first stocking for a friend of mine! It took me a while but I sure am proud of it!

: So.. hint the title - it has rained in this part of Kentucky for a while now (I saw a while, but only 5 days). It's nice to have some rain but not when you're walking to work, in heels, with three bags and the wind slants the rain making your umbrella useless. I know you've had one of these moments! :) Maybe I should put on my rain boots, no make-up, quit complaining and splash in puddles to appreciate it more!!

: Speaking of puddles, I heard on the radio that 1 out of 6 people intentionally drive their car into a  puddle to soak a pedestrian! :/ Crazy..

: FRIDAY! I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 with my wonderful brother and his fantastic girlfriend, Megan. Us girls had read the books (Kurt was merely for support), so we enjoyed the drama and redundancy much more. I give the movie an 8 out of 10. I was expecting so much more out of the wedding dress, the honeymoon, and how Bella was planning on telling her human family she was never coming back. BUT I loved how they made the ending - definitely a tease!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

: What I'm Lovin' Wednesday ;

This is my first "What I'm Lovin' Wednesday"!!

I'm lovin' the fact that I have been so productive with my crocheting projects!! I crochet the fastest when Stoye is watching ESPN so the other morning, when Stoye was at work, I turned on ESPN and crocheted! :) It worked!

I'm lovin'
PURPLE! It's my favorite color of all time anyways but I made this beanie and I love it - so comfy! If you'd like one, check out my Facebook page Crochet Nut!

(laying on a stuffed animal)

I'm lovin' that Breaking Dawn Part 1 is so close!!! I didn't buy the midnight ticket this year but plan on seeing it soon afterwards. I watched Twilight yesterday and plan on watching New Moon AND Eclipse tonight - lots of Edward! (not complaining)

I'm lovin' my younger brother, Kurt. He sent me the sweetest, most random text message a few days ago and it made me tear up! You ladies know most boys don't open up much about their emotions and this just made me so happy about the man he's turning into. I love him way too much!

: Happy Hump Day :

Thursday, November 10, 2011

: Awkward & Awesome Thursday :

: I found this completely adorable when I saw the girl in the red shoes blogging this! I have MANY awkward things happen to me on a daily basis - and I almost always find them awesome too!


1. I snack all the time so this won't come to a surprise for those who know me was about 10:30 a.m., I'm at school, and I'm hungry. I go to the healthiest place to grab a snack - the vending machine, and buy a payday. Well, then I have to go to the restroom. So, here I am with a payday in my pocket on my way to the public restroom. Just wait, the classiness keeps coming. I'm doing my business and apparently it's lunch time for the rest of the world because the restroom gets full of people, QUICK. As I'm trying to get out of the way to wash my hands, a girl calls out, " forgot your payday." (ugh) "uhh...thanks..." ha! Lesson learned.


1. The payday was delicious.

2. Dunder told me he had a good day ...
...and he posed with me!

I love this - can't wait until next Thursday!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

: Wonderful Wednesday :

: Good morning!!! I opened my blog and had 13 more followers!!! Thanks Sunni @ Pearls and Curls for the publicity!
: As you can see - Dunder was not a happy camper this morning taking photos! :) This is something I'm hoping to be consistent with - the photos I mean. I would like to capture the small-but-sweet things in life - not only to keep me grounded but more appreciative - plus I think it's neat to see the quirks in others' lives! :)
Thanks to Emily @ Nation's Nest for the inspiration!
Dunder is the most spoiled, most loved, most squeezed pet you'll ever meet! I'm obsessed and it's only bad news for my first born because it'll be a tug-of-war!! Only kidding...sort of.
: Despite the odd weather today (windy, 70 degrees, cloudy & creepy)...I've got my coffee soaked with French Vanilla creamer and my contacts are focused! :) I know I'm not the only one thankful when contacts work!

It inspires me to always look up when I'm in need, when I need a hand and when I need to say THANK YOU, LORD! :)

:Happy Hump Day everyone!!
Do something wonderful
today to make this day worthwhile - because tomorrow is not promised, only right now!