Wednesday, November 16, 2011

: What I'm Lovin' Wednesday ;

This is my first "What I'm Lovin' Wednesday"!!

I'm lovin' the fact that I have been so productive with my crocheting projects!! I crochet the fastest when Stoye is watching ESPN so the other morning, when Stoye was at work, I turned on ESPN and crocheted! :) It worked!

I'm lovin'
PURPLE! It's my favorite color of all time anyways but I made this beanie and I love it - so comfy! If you'd like one, check out my Facebook page Crochet Nut!

(laying on a stuffed animal)

I'm lovin' that Breaking Dawn Part 1 is so close!!! I didn't buy the midnight ticket this year but plan on seeing it soon afterwards. I watched Twilight yesterday and plan on watching New Moon AND Eclipse tonight - lots of Edward! (not complaining)

I'm lovin' my younger brother, Kurt. He sent me the sweetest, most random text message a few days ago and it made me tear up! You ladies know most boys don't open up much about their emotions and this just made me so happy about the man he's turning into. I love him way too much!

: Happy Hump Day :


Emily said...

I totally forgot that Kurt was your brother -- he did my video for my wedding and did a great job!

Amber said...

Yay! I'm so glad he did a good job- he's going to WKU for Film. I'm hoping he'll travel and I'll get his frequent flyer miles ;)