Thursday, November 10, 2011

: Awkward & Awesome Thursday :

: I found this completely adorable when I saw the girl in the red shoes blogging this! I have MANY awkward things happen to me on a daily basis - and I almost always find them awesome too!


1. I snack all the time so this won't come to a surprise for those who know me was about 10:30 a.m., I'm at school, and I'm hungry. I go to the healthiest place to grab a snack - the vending machine, and buy a payday. Well, then I have to go to the restroom. So, here I am with a payday in my pocket on my way to the public restroom. Just wait, the classiness keeps coming. I'm doing my business and apparently it's lunch time for the rest of the world because the restroom gets full of people, QUICK. As I'm trying to get out of the way to wash my hands, a girl calls out, " forgot your payday." (ugh) "uhh...thanks..." ha! Lesson learned.


1. The payday was delicious.

2. Dunder told me he had a good day ...
...and he posed with me!

I love this - can't wait until next Thursday!

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