Sunday, November 20, 2011

: November Rain :

: I love Fall weather! I love everything that comes with Fall ... family, football, amazing food, crunchy leaves, those moments where you happen to walk under the tree that loses all its leaves at the same time (fairytale-like), when you get to get out your winter clothes and discover scarves and tops you forgot you had.

: Last week I wore a necklace that got a lot of compliments - courtesy of Forever21. It's different and it's badazzled! :)

(I'm a sucker for gaudy jewelry!)

: I attempted a craft-like activity this weekend and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I had pretty high expectations about it and when it was finished, I wasn't impressed. I think I need to either swap out the snowflakes for large ornaments OR add different snowflakes in between. 
I'm welcoming any suggestions! 
 (after - floating Christmas tree made with gold snowflakes!)
 (pictures don't do the glitter justice ... its everywhere)

: I plan on diving into my Pinterest DIY board over Thanksgiving break. I'll post for you to see!
 : Last week I made my first stocking for a friend of mine! It took me a while but I sure am proud of it!

: So.. hint the title - it has rained in this part of Kentucky for a while now (I saw a while, but only 5 days). It's nice to have some rain but not when you're walking to work, in heels, with three bags and the wind slants the rain making your umbrella useless. I know you've had one of these moments! :) Maybe I should put on my rain boots, no make-up, quit complaining and splash in puddles to appreciate it more!!

: Speaking of puddles, I heard on the radio that 1 out of 6 people intentionally drive their car into a  puddle to soak a pedestrian! :/ Crazy..

: FRIDAY! I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 with my wonderful brother and his fantastic girlfriend, Megan. Us girls had read the books (Kurt was merely for support), so we enjoyed the drama and redundancy much more. I give the movie an 8 out of 10. I was expecting so much more out of the wedding dress, the honeymoon, and how Bella was planning on telling her human family she was never coming back. BUT I loved how they made the ending - definitely a tease!


Anonymous said...

Love the stocking! You're so crafty!! I have a blog too,
It's nice to read other people's blogs from Franklin!

Amber said...

Thanks, Katelyn! I'm a follower now!