Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bucket List Accomplishment - Sky....DIVING!

Hellloooo fellow bloggers who have been neglected for over a month ;)

:More pictures to come!
Oh...and more the near future, I guarantee? :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pinterest Project= Complete x 2!!

My inspiration:

My project:

Since I was on a roll with Pinterest projects, I decided to make myself a Ball jar hand sanitizer!
It's a lot bigger than it looks. 
Going into an elementary school in the fall calls for LOTS of sanitizing!

Happy Sunday!

"ASAP=Always Say A Prayer"
Church sign I passed by today :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

23th birthday....23th

The title makes me laugh still and it happened two days ago. 
My sweet parents gave me exactly what I needed for my birthday. 
They made a delicious home cooked meal + too sweet tea, of course, and whipped up a thawed Key Lime Pie  homemade pie with what my Mother thought was my...
23th birthday. 
My birthday started off perfectly.
I'm willing to share this funny photo only because I'm completely comfortable with my Simba-ness in the A.M.

Favorite photo of it all?

The Hunger Games book I'm pointing to...
I let him borrow it a month ago.
He re-gifted is broke with a big heart.

Big things are happening next week.
Technology. This Century. Enter me.

 2 cents for the day:
Do an unexpected favor for someone.
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 : Helllooooo Hump Day! 

: I'm loving this photo of my parents on Mother's Day! They've been through more downs than ups but still going!

 : I'm loving my amazing little younger brother. After I took this photo..I frowned. What happened to the rugrat always coming in my room to 'steal' my friends?!

  (If you've read only 2 of my know what's comin')

: I'm loving my sweet Dunder. We had some serious talks this past weekend about how he must stop stratching his neck in order for it to heal.

: He responds with a behavior I am DYING to catch on video!
 : I'm loving the beautiful weather that's right outside my office that I'll be sitting in for 7.5 hours today. I wore my flower made by a beautiful woman named Adrienne, earrings from Aruba, top from a yard sale and sweater from Forever21. Pre-coffee, little sleepy-eyed. :)
: I'm loving Young House Love's blog. I am all about DIYing anything and they are even DIY-crazier! :)

 : I would love to have this in distressed red for the Americana theme I'm dying to begin!!
: For those off of work today or those who get to work outside - I hope you get a sunburn.
I take it back. I love you - wear sunscreen and smile alot! :)

Starting with this video of a stubborn pup..