Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy new year?...

: Hardly a month has passed into the new year. I've accomplished the bare minimum. Just the other day, I met a gorgeous individual to exchange a gift & I got a whiff of motivation to begin my exercise the time I got home, there was no way I was changing into my workout clothes, pushing play on the DVD player & convincing my body it was ready to sweat. .

: I need to find my motivation!! Ideas?? I have everything I need. At-home gym, work out partner, the choice to eat I just need to suck it up and do it?! I can take the true honesty...and would actually thank you personally for it.

: On a happier note, I've caught up on my crocheting & scrap booking. The real test begins when school starts back tonight. I won't see daylight for 3 out of the 5 work days between work/externship and class beginning at 5...good thing its Spring semester and I can watch the sunset time become later and later. :) (Maybe this will help with eating less junk food!)

: OH! Remember my post about redecorating my middle bathroom?? It's so close to being done! I ordered the finishing touches today from Pottery Barn and only have one DIY project left to complete before the big reveal! :)
(sneak peek of the Southern Bed & Breakfast feel of the bathroom! Hubby made this shelf out of his Dad's barn wood, porcelain knobs from, Ball jars from his Mom, and a little help from Hobby Lobby) Missing: wash cloths!

: I hope tomorrow is filled with your own sunshine (KY won't be seeing any for a few days), energy, happy thoughts, and accomplishments. Don't forget to watch the drama tonight - the Bachelor! Who are your favorites? We all know who he crazies are. :)

:  To help get your week started on the right track...visit Allison's blog for an AWESOME giveaway!! She has a ton of ways to enter!

: Happy Monday!

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