Monday, January 9, 2012

:12 in 12 :

I love setting goals & working towards reaching them ... easy to do when I have all the time in the world with a childless home & a fantastic husband! :) 12 in 12 will be a way for me to set resolutions & be able to easily keep track of how I'm doing by checking on them on the 12th day of each month. Considering my January 12th date is basically here, I'll make a goal for Jan. 12-Feb.12. Here I go!!!

1. Pray 3 x a day, every day of the week. Not at routine times, but at the right times.

2. Cook dinner 3 days of the week.
3. Crochet 6" on my very first blanket/afghan each month....for future Baby Young.

4. Drink 0-1 cokes during the week days.

5. Stick to my new low-carb, low-fat diet!

6. Take school seriously....ya know, by dedicating myself to learning instead of jumping through hoops. 

7. Visit family members every weekend.

8. Donate. Something. Time or money. Anyplace. Each month. 

9.For every piece of clothing I buy, a piece will be donated from my closet.

10. Find the glass full with everything.

11. Read a book in 2 months.

12. Show love to more people.

Just to prove I'm going to put in the effort towards my 12 in 12 ....I'm making an Excel sheet to check off my milestones :) What should be my reward each month? Manicure? Overly priced Starbucks coffee? Ideas!

Meanwhile, tune in for the BACHELOR tonight!!! :)


Sunni Dae @ Pearls and Curls said...

Hey girly! I nominate you for a blog award! :)

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

Loooove your red hair darlin! We redheads gotta stick together eh!? ;) I love the Bachelor's so bad but it's so good!