Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring is in the air! (Sniff, cough, blow)

With grad school on the somewhat slow slide, I've had more time on my hands, which means, I find all kinds of things to do.

Ya know how's there's always something you can do that would make your life simpler if it just magically fixed itself? I have a lot of those. Including this...

I'm pretty sure I had everything I needed if I were stranded...in every season.

Thanks to a sweet friend of mine for the 31 tote, I compiled my 'speech' materials and the rest is considered necessary :) Something so little can go a long way!

Since my brother just finished his FIRST year of college (tear), I made him a finals package. Nothing compared to the one I received but he did love it.


thecoffeehouse said...

oh how i would love to be sitting in one of those adirondack chairs right now.

Donnabear said...

Simply beautiful! I love all that you have done in your yard.