Monday, December 26, 2011

: Tis The Season :

: I hope everyone had a great Christmas filled with lots of love, laughs & praise!
: Similar to every good thing that comes our way - we always feel we're way too blessed, as we are. 
We were consumed with family time - and loved every minute.
: Here are just a few things I'd like to share from the holiday weekend.

Glittery flats for $13 from NY&Co deserved to be taken out for a family Christmas party!
 :I love this photo my Mom captured. We were so happy over one of the smaller gifts we received!
 : Now for the mystery box! (The photo below Stoye had given to me a few months ago.
 THIS one I received on Christmas!

Amazing! I lifted the lid & the whole family could smell it's wonderful scent!
 : Not bad for our first Christmas card doorway! Would've been better if I hadn't been so excited about sending the cards out that I forgot to put a return address! :) There's a first for everything!

 :Wanna know what the best smelling candle is??? Vwah la! Hot Maple Toddy! Yummmmmmy!
 Beautiful Madalyn & I during the Christmas party!

: Happy New Year everyone! Got any big plans?


carissa at lowercase letters said...

such loveliness! i adore your canvasses. it's okay to like a picture of yourself! : )

Erica said...

Hot maple toddy smells so yummy I love it! I love your blog too, new follower! Happy New Year!