Sunday, December 11, 2011

: Sweet life of D :

Dunder constantly makes me melt with the sweet things he doesn't know he's doing. Whether its being my alarm clock with lots of kisses in all the wrong places on my face or finding the tightest spot near me to cuddle in. 
Dunder is a dog...not a human. I remind myself of this daily but I just love him so much! :)

Here's Dunder's daily life:

Lying on our clothes so we can't leave in the mornings. (LOOK AT THAT FACE!)

Cuddling with a stuffed animal as if he doesn't get enough attention.

And of course....sunbathing. 

Sometime in the future we'll have a mini-Stoye to obsess over.

For now - I rocked my first chicken pot pie and made Nestle Tollhouse cookies for dessert!
Only 13 more days 'til CHRISTMAS!! Where have you found the best deals?


Ashley said...

Dunder's got a pretty relaxing life it looks like to me! He's adorable!

Amber Young said...

@Ashley - he's got it made! Thanks!