Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some of My Favorite Things

: I've learned from various places, people, and situations to lessen pleas for God's goodies and instead thank Him for His goodness. He has blessed me in soooooo many unbelievably ways that no words or actions could ever repay Him.

: Every time I've walked into my closet and whined 'I don't have anything to wear' makes me ashamed to think back now when there are millions who are starving for shoes to cover their feet. Amazing how I've had this realization and I haven't gone across the world to witness it. I only wish others in this world could gain understanding and appreciation without representation - it would be a much more Godly world to live in, for sure.

: In a nutshell, I am blessed to have the home I have now and will be blessed later in life if we are able to move to Florida to spend the remainder of our lives!

: Speaking of being blessed, thanks to Sunni Carver-Gregory

I've learned about Pinterest to show you all some of my favorite things!!! :)

If you know me at all, you know I absolutely L O V E to scrapbook. I am by no means any good at it but I love the process and the reminiscence.

I am an adult....but I'm a sucker for teenage romance books. Sarah Dessen has stolen my heart with many of her books.

One of my wishes would be for candy to be nutritious for humans. I eat enough cane sugar to guarantee cavities (thankfully none so far because I brush!). I love all candy except black liquorice, yuck!

My favorite color is PURPLE and Stoye & I cannot get enough of the beach so this picture sums up what I would like to last see before going Home.

Favorite flower of all the flowers is the beautiful orchid - I had them in my wedding and I will always have them in my house.

Jesus is my all time favorite person but I love this painting because it came from a girl named Akiane who was given this vision by God. Her incredible story is in the book of 'Heaven is for Real.' My life would not be the same would Him and this painting, I could stare at forever..

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Sunni Dae said...

And I am blessed to call you my friend! :)
You are a beautiful person inside and out!

PS: LOVE the new blog layout! :)