Sunday, August 21, 2011

: A day I will never forget :

: When I was around the age of 13/14, I was extremely confused about...well, everything. It's a terrible age for any girl. I was having a particularly hard time with something so I kneeled aside my bed and talked to God for one of the few genuine times of my life at that time. I told him all my concerns, worries, needs and wants. Afterwards, I felt so much better and so relieved that I had gotten everything out. I believed, at the time, God had saved my soul.

: I told my Mom first and of course, she was ecstatic. Ever since that day, I always carried one thing with me......doubt.

: For the years to come, I told many people about my story of being saved. I stood up on Wednesday during the Glory song in church, all while having doubt in my heart whether I was truly saved.

: Since January of this year, I have been involved with a women's bible study with women whom I all adore and love so much. It's been an experience and a great first step in the right direction. The bible study was one of the reasons why 2011 was the first year I put the Lord first before any of my human needs and began wanting to please Him through every aspect of my life.

: On August 15th, I was doing the workbook that accompanies my bible study. A part of the study had me review the ten commandments. I read "Thou shall not tell false testimony to thy neighbor." I know this means to not intentionally tell someone a lie but it hit my heart so hard I literally let the Bible fall out of my hands and I fell to my knees. I begged God to rid my heart of the doubt I have been carrying on my back for WAY too long, to forgive me of telling others my story when I had doubt behind my tongue. I asked for Him to give me confidence in my salvation or to guide me more on the path I need to be on to obtain His grace.

: I prayed harder than I ever have in my life, more genuinely than I have ever been to Him, and THANKED Him more than I have in my life for everything he has already given me aside my unworthiness. August 15th, around noon, in the middle of my living room - God saved my soul!! It was unmistakable and I am so thankful, so blessed, so happy I carry absolutely no doubt on my heart!!! : I understand Satan definitely sweeps into the many Christian hearts embedding doubt of our love given by God, but I knew the difference between not knowing-doubt and persuasive-doubt. When I believed I first got saved, I was mistaken to be saved just by praying really hard to God and letting Him know all of my problems. What I failed to know was it's a two-way street!! :)

: No one can make themselves have salvation from the One and Only. His timing, His plan, His way is the only right way alive. He had given me all of the opportunities, people to be involved with, chances to take, and until this year - I finally decided to make the best decisions of my life. He knew what all I had been going through, what I had been doing, what was on my heart and has heard every prayer.

: My salvation is the best thing that's ever happened to me! I always hated when others told me their experience was indescribable because as someone who wants salvation more than anything, you want details. But I am adding to the pile of saying its indescribable but UNMISTAKABLE!

: I so hope my story will inspire so many woman I know who are not saved to know its a two-way street, to know God knows EVERYTHING you've done and are doing, and to know His salvation is something they should NEVER have doubt about and forever be grateful for.

: I thought putting Him first was such a positive change in my life -- having His salvation gives you the freedom, passion, and constant, everflowing love to want to do nothing but please Him and spread His love.

: God is awesome and I am NOT ashamed to call myself a Christian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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