Friday, October 14, 2011

: How God Works :

: For some reason, these past few weeks, I've grown distant with God (and I know He's not going anywhere). I had lost my connection, my feeling of attachment, my feeling of being known by Him.

: Yesterday, I turned back to The Message on SIRIUS radio (Gospel) and let God speak to me. He knew what I needed to hear and boy did He hit the spot!! I realized right there in my car, I shouldn't expect Him to give me everything if I don't give Him everything that I am! How selfish am I?! I praised Him for all He has given me and all that I am so unworthy of. I have an incredibly blessed life and He has worked miracles I never thought could happen within my family. He is always with matter who I'm with, where I am, what I'm doing, He is always with me. It's up to me how much I let Him pour into my heart, my life and my choices.

: My life goal is to do His work that He has planned for me and that I do it with all of my heart and soul. God is so good!! I hope those reading this know that....I hope you know Him....and I pray if you don't, if you're seeking belonging, comfort, shame, acceptance, and renewal, that you will know Him.

: One of the greatest things about our God is He will let you choose. He will let you choose to make right or wrong decisions, to believe or not to believe, to say and think unworthy things. How Mighty of a God is our God to let you find your way to Him so that you shall be more appreciative, more satisfied, more confident, more joyous, more believing, and more comforted by His merciful grace than it would be if He commanded you to praise Him. He loves every single child He has made on this Earth and I know with all of my heart He wants all of them to come to Him and give the love He deserves. It is up to all of His children who have been given His grace to share this Love to those unaware or lost. If a child were to die today, without knowing about the One and Only who died for them, it lies on His children's shoulders. Our overall purpose is to show others How amazingly beautiful it is to live in the light of the Lord and to share all the knowledge we have of our precious Jesus and what He did for us. If you have been saved by the Grace of God -- share your testimony. Not once, not twice...all of the time. You never know when your final day on this Earth is to come. Share your story as many times, to as many souls as you can to mark your presence on this Earth as worthy and true.

: These words are coming from my refreshed heart and the Love He is sharing with me today. I am so overwhelming blessed to have Godly family members and friends doing His work who inspire me to continue on the path of righteousness and to be joyous in the Light.

: I hope I have sparked something inside of a lost soul...revved up a Saved soul...or simply nudged someone to do something wonderful with their life today. Do something tp impress your Father today. Make it worthy.

: Live Passionately, not wastefully.

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